Are you planning a career break?

Every person and career path is different. Many people take time out of their career at some point. If that’s you, you’ll know it’s important to stay connected and engaged with your profession while you’re away from the workforce.

We can help you with that.

Put your IPENZ Membership on hold

While you’re taking a career break, you can put your IPENZ Membership on hold (we call it “in abeyance”). You’ll pay a nominal fee and continue to receive Engineering Direct and your Branch newsletter to keep you up to date with what’s happening at IPENZ and in the industry. You’ll keep your access to My IPENZ, too, so you can update your personal details and work and learning records.

To put your IPENZ Membership on hold, download a form here and send to our membership team.

Put your registration on hold

If you’re on an IPENZ-administered register – for Chartered Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Certified Engineering Technicians and Professional Engineering Geologists – you can put your Registration in abeyance. You can do this at any time, unless it’s the year in which you’re due for reassessment. You’ll pay a reduced fee and keep your access to My IPENZ.

To put your registration on hold, download a form here and send to our membership team.

Manage your professional development

You’re not expected to demonstrate a continuous record of continuing professional development (CPD) while you’re taking a career break. But you should have records of CPD to show you kept your knowledge and skills up to date while you were working as an engineer.

Keep in touch

Staying engaged with the industry will make your return to work easier. You could go to local Branch events, keep in touch with people in your networks and stay up to date on reading. That way, you’ll be aware of key developments in technology, regulation and practice.

Going back to work

All engineers are ethically bound to practice within the bounds of their competence. As part of your return to work, you’re expected to develop a return to work plan or equivalent. This could include CPD, mentoring, supervision or additional peer review. The plan helps make sure your return to work is managed safely, professionally and in accordance with your ethical obligations. You can provide your return to work plan as part of your CPD record for your next assessment.

If you’re on a career break when your next assessment’s due, you can rely on evidence of work you’ve done since your last assessment (work undertaken during the last six years provides evidence of current competence). Provide your full CPD records from this time, as well as a summary of the steps you’ve taken to maintain your professional engagement with and awareness of developments in your discipline. Your assessment panel will take account of the length of time you’ve been out of the workforce when recommending the period until your next assessment.

Find out more

Before you go on a career break, why not get in touch to talk about your plans and how we can help you.