New Membership Structure

We’re in the process of improving our membership structure to create a simpler and stronger pathway for all types of engineers. The new structure aligns with our strategic direction to achieve greater connection, credibility, influence and recognition for engineers in New Zealand. It also addresses issues with our current membership structure around relevance and lack of progression.

Our goal is to create a more attractive and inclusive membership offering that recognises experience and status throughout your engineering career. This will both raise the bar for our profession and increase public trust and confidence. Our new pathway will cater for a broader range of engineering professionals including:

  • A wider range of disciplines
  • Engineering leaders and managers
  • More women and cultural diversity
  • Academics
  • Technicians, technologists and engineering geologists
  • Those outside the traditional CPEng pathway

We’re aiming to have the new membership pathway in place by October 2017. 

What’s changing?

We aim to be the home for all engineering professionals. Our new membership classes for engineers will be:

  • Student
  • Emerging Professional
  • Member
  • Chartered Member
  • Fellow
  • Distinguished Fellow

One of the main changes will be our approach to those who complete their studies and are joining the profession. We’ll be introducing an emerging professional development programme to support recent graduates and build their skills before moving to the Member class. All members from Emerging Professional onwards will also commit annually to our Code of Ethical Conduct and continuing professional development.

Our Member class will be open to a broader range of engineers, and will create a professional home for those who are currently stuck in the Graduate Member class, despite having years of experience.  We’re also creating a Chartered Member class which will meet an international standard of competence and professionalism. It’ll also provide progression for members when CPEng and the proposed new Government licensing regime is not relevant.

We want to make sure you keep your existing status and level or equivalent as the changes roll out. Protecting the value and status of CPEng and your global mobility is vital, while the Government finalises its licensing regime. 

Interim Membership Model-Jan2017-web


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What’s the process?

After the initial concept was shown at the President’s Roadshow in July 2016, a working group was formed, including Fellows and senior engineers, as well as academics and those newer to the profession, to make sure we heard all voices. They helped to discuss, debate and work through critical issues, as well as generate ideas. We also opened up feedback to all members and had numerous discussions with key stakeholders including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). A steering committee took all of this into consideration and made a final recommendation to the Board. 

We’ll let members know the individual impacts for them during 2017, and will keep you posted as the project progresses. To get in touch with us about these changes, please email