Negotiating Skills – better results, better relationships

When 18 Apr 2018, 8:30 AM

Duration One day

Cost $580 ex GST (IPENZ Members $500 ex GST)

Location Hamilton

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Negotiation can seem like a win-lose battle. So how do you get what you need from a negotiation without damaging your working relationships? It’s a tricky skill, but it’s one you need if you’re involved in technical, contract and conflict negotiations.

Use this workshop to learn a new framework for professional and effective negotiations. Find out how to prepare for and complete negotiations while keeping your working relationships intact. Then take your new knowledge and skills back to work and put them to use straightaway. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand:

  • negotiation is going beyond facts, logic and gamesmanship
  • the behavioural dynamics in the negotiating process:
    • your own and others’ behavioural patterns
    • why emotional intelligence matters

and be able to:

  • prepare to negotiate
    • when not to negotiate
    • the other party’s perspective and behavioural style
    • how to choose a strategy that optimises your strengths
    • differentiate between issues, position and interests
  • conduct the negotiation
    • learn to listen, ask probing questions and handle conflict
    • apply a six-step process practice negotiations that you can use in real life
    • use techniques to shape negotiations and implement your chosen strategies.
Target Audience

If you’re a technical professional who needs to negotiate with clients, suppliers or colleagues, you’ll get a lot out of this workshop. Use it as either a comprehensive introduction of a practical refresher. 

Presenter information

Cheryl Wright BA (Psych)
Cheryl is a Senior Consultant with Capability Group Limited, an organisational development consultancy. Cheryl has been involved negotiations for more than 20 years, including employee/union agreements, commercial contracts and to resolve workplace conflicts. Cheryl works with technical professionals from all disciplines in manufacturing, local government and professional organisations.

Cheryl works extensively in the field of understanding behaviour in the workplace, building emotional intelligence capabilities and conflict resolution between individuals and small groups.