09 February 2017

Candidates for the IPENZ Governing Board



Craig Price:
I am a consulting engineer with 30 years’ experience across commercial, industrial and infrastructure markets.

I enjoy contributing to the engineering profession and broader industry, including previously as Chair of NZGBC Board, Chair of IPENZ Competence Assessment Board and most recently as a Governing Board member and Deputy President of IPENZ, along with a range of university advisory boards.

I am passionate about the role of engineers in society and am strongly supportive of developing our young engineers.

It would be a privilege to serve as IPENZ President, contributing in a leadership and governance role to the future of the Institution.

Current position

  • Director (Chair 2015-present) and Regional Manager South Island, Beca Ltd; 2013-present

IPENZ membership history

  • GIPENZ 1987, MIPENZ 1992, FIPENZ 2008 - present, CPEng 2003 - present Practice Area Assessor 2000 to present
  • Competence Assessment Board member 200-2014 (Chair 2011-2014)
  • IPENZ Governing Board and Registration Authority member 2014 to present (EPAC member and Chair, ARC, PRC member)
  • Standards Accreditation Board member 2014 to present
  • Vice President 2014-2015
  • Deputy President 2015 to present

Deputy President


Dean Kimpton:
I welcome the opportunity to continue serving the engineering profession. The last 12 months as Vice President has been fascinating and reminded me again of the critical role we have in the creating and building of New Zealand. This governance role provides the opportunity to influence those outcomes at a national level and continue the attraction of talent into this wonderful profession.

Current position

  • Chief Operating Officer, Auckland Council; 2013-present

IPENZ membership history

  • Vice President, IPENZ 2016 to present
  • FIPENZ, 2009 - present

Vice President


Ben Holland:
As a passionate engineer, I believe in the difference our profession makes to everyday lives. Our profession is facing increased public scrutiny and the Government’s plan for occupational regulation, and these issues need an engineer like me who can champion our cause and promote our ethics whilst being sensitive to society’s needs.

I have been on the Governing Board since 2012 and take every opportunity to represent the industry and IPENZ, including at the recent Women in Construction conference.

Having chaired MIDAS and membership pathway initiatives, I am committed to growing engagement and relevance to current and future members.

Current position

  • General Manager Commercial and Major Projects, Opus International Consultants; 1998-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ; 1999 - present
  • FIPENZ; 2016 - present
  • CPEng; 2004 - present
  • IPENZ Governing Board and Registration Authority; 2012-present
  • Competence Assessment Board (Board Representative); 2013 to 2015
  • Engineering Heritage Board (Board Representative); 2015-present
  • Practice Area Assessor; 2015-present
  • MIDAS Steering Committee Chair (initially Board Representative); 2013-2015
  • Audit and Risk Committee Chair; 2016-present
  • Membership Pathway Steering Committee Chair; 2016-present

Board member (three vacancies):


Aidan Cooper:
For the last year I have served IPENZ as a board member and feel I have made a strong contribution to the future of the profession. I have undertaken this while maintaining regular contact with the Auckland Branch, assisting with branch events and maintaining contact with the region’s tertiary providers. I feel it’s important to continue growing a strong link between the region’s professional membership, tertiary providers and student membership. I want to continue this work on a national level, making IPENZ relevant to future and existing members.

Current position

  • Senior Environmental Engineer, Chester; 2001-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ, CPEng; 2010 - present
  • Auckland IPENZ Committee Member; 2010-2015
  • Stormwater New Zealand Committee Member; 2012-2013
  • Unitec Industry Consultation Group; 2010-


Andrew Piraccini:
I have a Doctorate in Engineering Science with Masters in Structural and Mechanical Engineering, committed to ensuring NZ has access to the latest sustainable, new engineering technologies. I have over 20 years engineering experience with BMW as Engineering Director, working in many countries and have Fellow status with Engineers Australia, APEC registration and NZ Chartered status. I am nominating for the IPENZ Board to support IPENZ in delivering new engineering practices to benefit the membership and ensure continual improvement in engineering standards and quality. I believe NZ has the opportunity to lead the way in engineering standards and practice in the southern hemisphere and have strong technical, business and leadership experience to complement the skill set of the Board.

Current position

  • Senior Structural Engineer, Metro Performance Glass; 2016-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ; 2016 - present, (Recently joined IPENZ when relocated to Auckland from Australia)
  • CPEng 2016 - present


Chris Beh:
Engineers are increasingly diversifying in almost all facets of business activity including general management and leadership, human resourcing, strategy, commercial, business process and operations. Our ‘new’ responsibilities begs us away from the traditional view of engineers and our purely technical remits. As a Board member, I intend to ensure that the multi-faceted work, accountabilities, aspirations and diversity (gender, race, beliefs) of our members are recognised and that IPENZ continues to develop as an organisation that remains relevant (and attractive) to its current and future members and also the various external parties that we interact with.

Current position

  • Principal-Risk Consulting, Marsh Ltd; 2014-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ; 2005-present
  • IPENZ Practice Area Assessor (Dairy Profess and Mechanical engineering)
  • Futureintech Ambassador 2005 to 2015


Dave Brierley:
I am a Christchurch based Consultant, with a background in civil project management. I am also an IPENZ assessor and mentor, Chair of the Canterbury Branch, a member of the Institute of Directors and President of Cathedral City Toastmasters.

I am an enthusiastic engineer, with a passion for non-technical and social skills. I see these as key to delivering on our vision to engineer better lives for New Zealanders, and our mission to bring engineering to life. I welcome the opportunity to help us become more relevant, more modern and more appealing, both to the membership and to society at large.

Current position

  • Civil Director, Engco Ltd; 2016-2017

IPENZ membership history

  • CPEng, MIPENZ; 1999-present
  • Chair Canterbury Branch Committee; 2015-present
  • Transportation Group Member; 2014–present
  • Canterbury Branch Committee Member; 2014-2015
  • IPENZ Mentor; 2008–present
  • IPENZ Practice Area Assessor; 2006-present
  • Northland Branch Member; 1999-2013


Frank Lunderstedt:
I have for the past 41 years been involved in consulting civil and structural engineering in the Australasian, African and New Zealand environment. This includes design and detail, technical documentation, report writing and presentations, supervision, contract and project management and training of personnel. I have worked on a wide range of civil and structural infrastructure engineering projects in the mining, commercial, seismic, heavy industrial, oil and gas, building industries, housing fields and the demolition of redundant works.

Current position

  • Civil Engineering Consultant, Lunderstedt PTY Ltd, 1998

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ; 2016 - present
  • Past Member of IEAust, CP Eng, NPER3, MICE, AMIStruct E, SAICE, IAMA, SACPE, A of A (South Africa), SAISC


Geof Stewart:
I am a Chartered Professional Engineer and committee member of the IPENZ Auckland branch. My expertise includes strategic planning and asset management in the infrastructure and utility sectors. I have been an IPENZ competency assessor for 10 years and am passionate about mentoring and developing young engineers.

I have worked in the utility sector for 30 years and in that time, I have seen New Zealand and more specifically, Auckland, grow phenomenally. I understand the value of planning for growth and delivering timely infrastructure and would bring my extensive experience and influence to represent the members and interests of IPENZ.

Current position

  • Manager Asset Strategy, Watercare Services Ltd; 2015-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ; 1995 - present
  • Registered Engineer 1995
  • Chartered Professional Engineer 2005
  • Practice Area Assessor 2006
  • IPENZ Auckland Branch Committee Member 2015 to present


Gilles Seve:
I am Senior Geotechnical Engineer with MBIE and am mainly involved in the development of the NZGS earthquake geotechnical engineering practice series. My background is in consulting engineering in New Zealand and Canada, Europe and Africa. Since arriving in Christchurch soon after the earthquake sequence, I worked for two years at AECOM before joining the CCC. I also used to be an active member of the order of engineers of Quebec, and am MlPENZ and CPEng in New Zealand. I am a member of NZGS and CGS, have a strong background in geotechnical engineering, and have lectured in France and Canada.

Current position

  • Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment; 2015-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ; 2013 - present (previously charter engineer in Canada: Order of Engineers of Quebec)
  • CPEng 2014 Geotechnical


Ian Hulme:
I am a Civil and Structural, Chartered professional consulting engineer and Principal Engineer at Beca Ltd, Wellington. I have a broad base of technical and governance experience gained from leadership roles as Engineering Manager and Managing Director with United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia Engineering consultancies. I am a past member of the SESOC committee and have a particular interest in the challenges facing engineers practicing in today’s world; and the way engineers are trained and mentored to meet these challenges.

Current position

  • Principal Engineer – Transmission, Beca Ltd; 2011-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ 2008 - present
  • SESOC Committee 2010/11


John Burden:
The engineering profession is inextricably linked with the development and prosperity of New Zealand. My motivation to be on the IPENZ Board is driven by a desire to influence how engineering expertise is delivered to benefit the nation, now and in the future. By highlighting long-term outcomes, we can ensure the profession is truly valued – with our contribution recognised. I offer proven leadership skills gained through leading teams on some of the largest infrastructure contracts in NZ, such as Waterview and Victoria Park tunnels, and governance experience acquired on Alliance PABs and as a board member of the Quake Centre.

Current position

  • General Manager, Infrastructure, The Fletcher Construction Co Ltd; 2016-2017

IPENZ membership history

  • GIPENZ – 1995
  • MIPENZ – 2001
  • FIPENZ – 2015
  • CPEng; 2003 – present
  • Quake Centre Board Member


Josy Cooper:
I have a keen interest in the future of IPENZ and further development of the organisation. I believe the Institution needs to have a strong focus on recruitment of young people to engineering, which will involve strong marketing suited to the youth of today. I also would like to see more women come into the industry, future initiatives around this could involve targeting professional women ready to make a change in career. I would like to see the Institution continue its good work in becoming relevant and modern and ensure that New Zealand engineers are highly regarded around the world.

Current position

  • Director/Engineer, Black Heron NZ Ltd

IPENZ membership history

  • CPEng, MIPENZ – 2011
  • GIPENZ – 2005
  • BE Env, Auckland University – 2004


Kah-Weng Ho:
I have enjoyed being an IPENZ Practice Area Assessor and have a keen interest in membership representation. I would welcome the opportunity to serve the profession as a Board member.

Current position

  • Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Coffey Services Ltd; 2015-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ 1979 - present
  • CPEng 2014 - present
  • Practice Area Assessor since 1989


Kaye Clark:
I have enjoyed an extensive career of over 20 years with Local Government in the central North Island, involving most aspects of municipal and regional engineering. During this time I have progressed from an NZCE cadet to a professional engineer. In the last 10 years, I have been employed at the NZ Transport Agency at a senior level focusing on providing sustainable and safe journeys for New Zealanders. As a woman in engineering, I am passionate about bringing more diversity into engineering and ensuring that we all reach our fullest potential throughout our careers and in our participation in society.

Current position

  • Operations Manager (Transit), Regional Manager Hamilton (Transit), State Highway Manager, Road Safety Programme Director (seconded); NZ Transport Agency (Transit); 2006-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ 1999 - present
  • Member of the Institute of Directors
  • Member of IPWEA (since the late 1980s) formerly ALGENZ, and INGENIUM
  • Past Chair of the Road Controlling Authorities Forum (2013-2016)
  • Past Member of the Canterbury Engineering Advisory Board (2003-2016)


Kerry Williamson:
With current New Zealand infrastructure and industry growth, the role of the engineer is critical, and its governing body must be functional and relevant.

In my 21 years’ experience as engineer and leader, I have practiced under multiple global professional engineering jurisdictions and understand the need for;

- protection of the engineer brand,

- a competence standard, and

- diversification of the profession.

In my role as a Board member and representative of the profession, I will be a strong advocate for engineering in government and broader community issues. I will also support the successful delivery of professional services and counsel that adds value to our network of members.

Current position

  • Maintenance Engineering and Projects Manager, Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS)/Shell New Zealand; 2013-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ – November 2000-present
  • Secretary of Taranaki IPENZ Committee, 2000-2001
  • Member of Taranaki IPENZ Committee, 1999-2001
  • IPENZ Graduate Member – 1999-2000


Matt Bishop:
Engineers do critical work, enabling a connected and innovative society. Failures, such as the CTV Building, erode trust and confidence in communities we serve.

IPENZ’s role is to promote and uphold the reputation and credibility of engineers. The strategic framework, developed through (extensive) consultation across a disparate and diverse profession, (clearly) articulates this.

As a Structural/Mechanical CPEng, I see a diversity of standards and competencies. The desire to act professionally and build confidence in the profession is where the commonality lies.

As a Board member I will advocate for professionalism, competence and ethical conduct within our profession and with stakeholders.

Current position

  • Managing Director - BVT Engineering Professional Services

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ/CPEng – 2010 - present
  • IntPE - 2016
  • RSE Committee - 2010-2013,
  • IPENZ Canterbury Branch committee - 2013-present,
  • IPENZ Canterbury Branch Vice Chair - 2013
  • NZSSE Secretary - 2015-present,
  • Member - RSE, SESOC, NZSSE, ARA EPAC - 2014-present
  • AWCI working group - 2017


Matt Harris:
As a professional civil and structural engineer, I’d like to see greater visibility of IPENZ in regard to professional practice, both publicly and at membership level. We can show the public that IPENZ is an institution leading the way on best practice and ethics, pushing for greater consistency amongst designers and offering a wide range of training. I’d like to encourage greater gender diversity across the membership and see engineering as a career being even further promoted to make it the technical career of choice. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the IPENZ Board.

Current position

  • NZ Engineering Director, Miyamoto International (NZ) Ltd

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ, CPEng; 2003 - present
  • Past practice area and staff assessor for professional membership applications.
  • I am past IPENZ Board member and have also sat on disciplinary review and hearing committees.
  • I am currently a member of NZSEE, SESOC, Timber Society and Sustainability Society


Mike Finlayson:
As an engineer and business leader based in regional New Zealand, I work with engineers and technologists of all disciplines across the country and I’m convinced there are many important things to be achieved other than just delivering big city infrastructure. Furthermore, professional engineering is so much more than design; it’s also about operations, construction and maintenance.

I want to challenge the paradigm of how IPENZ engages with our communities and contributes to the national economy. I passionately believe engineers, technologists and IPENZ can and should pay a larger role in our drive for a more productive economy.

Current position

  • General Manager – Regions, WorleyParsons; 2008-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ,1995 - present
  • CPEng, 2004 - present


Neil Rogers:
I believe that IPENZ must focus on its ‘quality marks’ for safety-critical engineering applications across all disciplines. Entry standards must remain high, and practice standards even higher.

IPENZ has a vital role to play by strongly encouraging engineers, who may practise in an isolated professional environment, to access networking and collegial contacts via Branches, TIGs/SIGs etc, and mentoring. It is critical this role includes disciplines outside of civil, structural and infrastructure.

Current position

  • Sole practitioner Mechanical Engineering Consultant, Neil Rogers & Associates Ltd; 1992-present

IPENZ membership history

  • Reg.Eng – 1984, CPEng – 2005, IntPE – 2016, MIPENZ – 1987, FIPENZ – 2006
  • Chair or Committee Member for Heavy Vehicle Engineers (HVE was RTCE) TIG – 2001 to 2003, 2006 to 2012
  • Committee Member for Recreation Safety Engineering TIG – 2013 on going
  • Tauranga Branch Committee – 2005 to 2011
  • Numerous Investigating and Disciplinary Committees since 2006
  • Member of CEAS since 1992


Richard Gibbons:
I have over 45 years of experience covering engineering, management and governance. My engineering specialisation is in the electrical power industry, however various roles have exposed me to other engineering disciplines including civil, structural, seismic, mechanical, building services, corrosion and protection, and energy efficiency. Management experience includes HR, logistics, transport and property.

As a Chartered member of the Institute of Directors I seek to bring excellence in governance to this role.

For IPENZ I am keen to see that it meets the needs of its members first and engages in wider activities only where it clearly benefits members.

Current position

  • Managing Director, LTH Ltd (formerly LineTech Consulting); 2014-present

IPENZ membership history

  • Member and Registered Engineer, 1977
  • Fellow, 1991
  • CPEng; 2003 - present
  • Chair – Continuing Education Committee, 1984 - 1989
  • Member – Education Committee, 1984 - 1989
  • Member – Engineering practice Board 2003 - 2005


Simon Fleisher:
I am a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Fellow of the IMechE. I have been the CEO of Wellington Cable Car Limited as well as the Civil Defence Controller for Wellington City Council since 2013. I served in both the RN and the RNZN as a Marine Engineering Officer, before moving into the electricity supply industry, prior to joining WCCL. I am the Wellington Chair of the IPENZ Mechanical Engineering Group, and a Practice Area Assessor. My main priority and focus would be to help New Zealand's engineers of their future achieve their potential.

Current position

  • Chief Executive, Wellington Cable Car Limited; 2013-present
  • Civil Defence Controller, Wellington City Council; 2014-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ/CPEng; 2016 - present
  • Joined the IPENZ MEG as a NZ-based Member of the IMechE in 2008
  • Joined the Wellington committee of the IPENZ MEG in 2010, and became the Chair of the Wellington Committee in 2012
  • Joined the National committee of the IPENZ MEG in 2011


Sisira Jayanatha:
As a Senior Leader with over 25 years of comprehensive management and leadership experience in the water infrastructure design, engineering and construction domain, I have worked with both local government and private entities in the capacity of designer, Engineering Lead, Engineer to Contract, and Business Manager in Sri Lanka, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and New Zealand.

Throughout my career, I have proven that my proactive attitude makes things happen. I have been building relationships, maintaining fruitful co-operations, and driving numerous negotiations with a broad scope of stakeholders, including state officials and business representatives.

My aim is to contribute IPENZ efforts to create an environment for development resilient engineering professionals to serve our communities.

Current position

  • Senior Utilities Engineer, Transmission Gully Project, CPB Heb JV; 2016-present

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ – 1996 to date
  • CPEng - 2003 – present
  • Member – Water NZ – 1995 to date
  • IPENZ Wellington Branch Treasurer – 1999 to 2016
  • Practice Area Assessor – 1999 to date


Sue-Ellen Fenelon:
I have more than 20 years’ experience in urban catchment management – land use effects, planning processes, use of evidence to support policy, urban water infrastructure challenges, and the multiple values of green infrastructure solutions. I have been a Committee member of the Water NZ Stormwater Group since 2013. These issues are important to the broader engineering and development conversation for the profession.

New Zealand and the world are facing increasingly complex challenges. I believe that I can contribute to the future of IPENZ with my experience across local government, private sector and more recently, central government.

Current position

  • Senior Analyst, Ministry for the Environment; 2015-present

IPENZ membership history

  • GIPENZ 1989-1993
  • MIPENZ 1994
  • Registered Engineer 1994
  • IPENZ Auckland Branch Committee 1990-1994
  • Auckland Branch Chairman 1993/94
  • Standing Committee on Engineering and the Environment 1994-1995
  • NZSSES/TSS Committee 2009-2013
  • Member of Water NZ 1989-1997, 2004-current
  • Committee member, Stormwater Group 2013-current
  • Stormwater conference organising committee 2014/15 and 2015/16


Tom Qi:
I am an Associate Professor in Engineering and Design, leading a world-class research team on Human-centred Design in Engineering and Technology. My current works include a task to build a study pathway from Bachelor of Engineering Technology to Master of Design Enterprise in Engineering Technology.

I have worked extensively in the tertiary education and engineering sectors and have built up a wealth of knowledge in my research field, having published 76 QA research papers in journals, books and conference proceedings since 2003. I have also logged five patents relating to electric vehicles.

Current position

  • Director, Centre for Research, Engineering and Design (CRED), Otago Polytechnic; from 2015
  • Associate Professor in Engineering, Otago Polytechnic; from 2014

IPENZ membership history

  • MIPENZ, CPEng, and IntPE(NZ) from 2012-2017
  • IPENZ Otago Branch Committee member 2015-2017


Vijay Patel:
I am standing for nomination to positively give back to the engineering community, after 12 years of being a member with IPENZ. I have recently been the Chairman of the Auckland Structural Group, after standing on the committee for five years. I hold a senior position with Beca Ltd, and have managed many large design projects for local and international clients. I was a finalist for the IPENZ NZEE Young Engineer of the Year Award in 2015, and believe that I have the skills, motivation and passion to positively contribute to the IPENZ Board.

Current position

  • Senior Associate/Associate, Beca Ltd; 2010-present

IPENZ membership history

  • GIPENZ – 2005 - 2010
  • CPEng – 2010 - present
  • MIPENZ – 2010 - present
  • ASG Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman 2011-2016