27 April 2017

IPENZ to become Engineering New Zealand

As announced at Forum, IPENZ will become Engineering New Zealand from October.

We’ll continue to reflect our proud heritage by using the tagline “Institute of Engineering Professionals”. We’ve used “Institute” because it’s a more modern word, and we’ve retained “Professionals” because professionalism remains at the core of everything we do.

Our new name reflects our new direction and strategy – to bring engineering to life. We want our members to be proud of their profession and the public to easily understand the contribution engineers make to society. Our new name explains much more clearly who we are and what we stand for and reflects extensive feedback from members about making engineers better recognised, understood and valued.

Adopting a new name is an outward signal of this new direction and of all the changes that have taken place within IPENZ. The new name is self-explanatory and puts engineering first.

The name “Institution of Professional of Engineers New Zealand” will remain our legal name.

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