26 July 2017

Submission to Havelock North Water Inquiry

IPENZ has provided a submission to stage two of the Havelock North Water Inquiry, which is considering recommendations about managing water supply across New Zealand

The submission focuses on three key areas: competence and certification/licensing; quality assurance; and training in public health engineering.

It advocates that drinking water practitioners should be required to demonstrate their competency and be measured against minimum competencies set by industry. This could be through a similar mechanism as the competency assessment processes managed by IPENZ for Chartered Professional Engineers, engineering technicians, engineering technologists, and engineering geologists. It would mean working with Water New Zealand and the wider industry to define categories of work for which certification/licensing is required, and to develop Bodies of Knowledge and Skills (BOKS) that would underpin any competence assessment for drinking water practitioners.

It also advocates that greater focus should be given to on-going quality assurance and the role competent engineers can play in this, specifically in the development and implementation of water safety plans. Processes around the development and implementation of plans could be strengthened, for example by introducing auditing by competent Chartered Professional Engineers to support drinking water assessors and provide a specialist level of technical verification of the plans.

The tight time frames involved meant that we weren’t able to consult with all members on the submission but we did seek out expert input.

The report on stage two of the Inquiry is due back by 8 December 2017, and all submissions can be found online. 

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