Practice Notes & Guidelines

We publish Practice Notes and Guidelines to advise engineers and the wider community on practice-related issues. They may be relevant to all Members or address a need for guidance in a specific area of interest. We publish Practice Notes and Guidelines jointly with associated organisations and societies, as required.

The Engineering Practice Advisory Committee approve the development of all our Practice Notes, which reflect:

  • Professional issues of topical interest
  • Responses to trends that emerge in the complaints process
  • Matters arising from significant occurrences, such as the Canterbury earthquakes.

Practice Notes

Peer Review (2003)
Engineers and Ethical Obligations (2016)
Tips for Working with the Media (2012) 
Developing and Maintaining Client Relationships (2006)
Sustainability and Engineers (2005)
Safety and Engineers – withdrawn April 2016this Practice Note is no longer applicable due to the new Health and Safety Act
Design for Safety in Buildings and Other Structures (2006) – withdrawn April 2016 this Practice Note is no longer applicable due to the new Health and Safety Act
Guidelines for Documenting Fire Safety Designs (2011)
Operator Protective Structures (2014)
Screw Piles – Guidelines for Design, Construction and Installation (2015)
Guidelines on Producer Statements (2014)
Constructability (2008)
Structural Engineering Design Office Practice (2009)
Land Development Processes (2007)
Urban Design (2007)
Industrial Plant
Commissioning Capital Plant (2007)
HSNO (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act)-Compliant Buildings and Structures for Flammable Substances (2010)
Coldstore Engineering in New Zealand (2009)
Seismic Resistance of Pressure Equipment (2016)
Dairy Industry
Farm Dairy Infrastructure (2013)
Farm Dairy Effluent Pond Design and Construction (2013)
Dairy Housing (2015)


Guidance on the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (2015)
Improving Collaboration Between Architects and Engineers (2014)
Construction Monitoring Services (2013)
Combating Counterfeit Parts and Substandard Materials (2011)
Sustainability and Engineering in New Zealand (2004)
Good Practice Guidelines for Software Engineering (2007)
Good Practice Guidelines for Risk Management of Software-based Systems (2007)
Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission Report 2011 – Standards and Regulation (Members' only access)
Information Sheet for Canterbury Homeowners (Members' only access)